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We are primarily looking for doctors who are trained and worked in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Canada or Singapore, so you will need to have specialist qualifications from one of these countries and also membership of the appropriate Royal College, so that you work as VR GPs to attract higher medicare rates. All IMGs must work in DWS area for atleast 10 years.

Info regarding how to apply and to know step by step process:

We love to have Australian trained GPs who want a change from their current practice.

Non VR GPs

We also have Jobs for other IMGS who have passed their AMC Part 1 and IELTS to work as a Non VR GPs. For these doctors we are happy to provide supervision and we ideally need these candidates need to sit for Level 3 Pesci exams. All doctors in this category must work in both DWS and AON positions.

Info regarding Pesci exams can be found in RACGP website:

RMOs and Registrars Planning to Work as GPs

We also have Jobs for currently working doctors in the Hospital systems in Australia as RMO, Registrars with previous experience in General Practice and have passed both AMC part 1 and 2 and have General Registration.

Ideally these category doctors should be only Temporary resident, so that they can get 19 AA exemption. Candidates in this category dont need PESCI exams. However if they dont have AMC Part 2 yet, then they will need to sit for Pesci exams. These category doctors are eligible to work as Non VR Gps.

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